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The Blue Edge of Midnight On a night that will haunt him forever, ex-cop Max Freeman killed a twelve-year-old child in self-defense in a Philadelphia shoot-out. Since then he has lived a solitary existence on the edge of the Florida Everglades, where he answers to no one but the demons tormenting his conscience. But when he finds the corpse of a child along a shadowy riverbank, he's pulled back into the twisted maze of law and order—as a murder suspect. Now Freeman has no choice but to junt down a killer who has committed the unthinkable—even if it takes him to the darkest places of the soul.

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"The Blue Edge of Midnight is a terrific book that begins the run of a great new talent in Jonathon King. From start to finish it is full of true character and jagged surprises. King adds new dimensions of depth and substance to the modern crime novel."
   —Michael Connelly

"This is a tough, compassionate novel . . . as good as [Michael Connelly and Harlan Coben's] debut novels."
   —The Boston Sunday Globe

"Jonathon King's The Blue Edge of Midnight is excellent. Tough, visceral. It resonates."
   —Randy Wayne White

"Jonathon King . . . earns our respect. . . . King's descriptions of Florida's backwaters put him right up there with James W. Hall and Randy Wayne White—excellent company indeed."
   —Chicago Tribune

"With his first novel, King jumps into James W. Hall territory and lands firmly on his feet.... The author's stylish prose and insider's knowledge of the sinuous, dangerous Everglades give [it] a fresh twist... King uses descriptions of places and environment to reveal character and attitude, much as Hall, James Lee Burke, and Robert B. Parker do... Skillful writing, original characters and evocative settings initiate a welcome new series."
   —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"In The Blue Edge of Midnight, Jonathon King uses the steamy, brooding, fetid atmosphere of the Florida Everglades to intensify the tension underlying this well-written debut novel."
   —The Kansas City Star

"King's writing and pacing are superb from cover to cover, and his ability to evoke a sense of the Everglades is so strong you can almost smell the marsh and feel the humidity drawing sweat from your pores. ...This is a terrific yarn, beautifully told."
   —Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Jonathon King's debut introduces a talent that, already impressive, holds great promise for the future. ...His insight into character and his evocation of an exotic landscape will remind readers of Michael Connelly and James Lee Burke—which is not bad company to keep."
   —The San Diego Union-Tribune

"The atmosphere is as thick as the humid summers nights in Jonathon King's evocative first crime novel. ...A talented writer who obviously knows the territory."
   —The Orlando Sentinel

"A remarkable debut. Whether taking us to the dark corners of the Everglades or the hard streets of Philadelphia, King's writing is gritty, vivid, and suspenseful. Jonathon King is a natural storyteller, and The Blue Edge of Midnight is the beginning of an exciting new series."
   —Harlan Coben

"Skillfully combining a vast knowledge of the Everglades with an intelligent and sympathetic central character, Mr. King has written a first novel of considerable appeal."
   —The Dallas Morning News