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Shadow Men Eighty years ago, three laborers vanished while building the first road through the Florida Everglades. When a descendant of the missing men finds a cryptic series of letters, he turns to Max Freeman for help in uncovering the truth about his ancestors' fate. Freeman is surprised to learn that no one is willing to talk about the incident—and realizes that there is something much more dangerous in the swamps than long-lost ghosts. There are powerful and ruthless men who want the past to remain buried—and will kill to make sure it stays that way. . . .

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“Backs up its detailed police procedure with entertaining, quirky characters. . . . You’ll feel right with [Max] at the scene of the crime.”

“City grit and primeval beauty; brutality and tenderness; past and present. These seeming incongruities, along with a substantial dose of good vs. evil, are at the heart of Jonathon King’s new novel, and a big healthy heart it is. . . . King has succeeded in writing a thriller with very little blood and gore, relying instead on a solid, well-paced plot and real, believable characters who persevere in spite of numerous obstacles, both physical and psychological. Sounds a bit like literary fiction, and that’s not far off the mark.”
   —The Miami Herald

“Just about as perfect as a crime novel can be.”
   —The Independent (UK)

“ Haunting and evocative. . . . [Max Freeman] may be the most thoughtful, well-read, and multi-layered private eye hero since Spenser.”
   —Booklist (starred review)

"Stellar... King strikes a deft balance between his extraordinary South Florida setting and an engrossing tale of inhumanity and greed. This fine novel resonates with the atmosphere and immediacy of the Everglades."
   —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"In Shadow Men, Jonathon King captures the intrigue, lyrical beauty, and darkness of the Florida Everglades better than any other writer I know of. His account of corporate greed in the midst of an Edenic paradise is a warning for our times."
   —James Lee Burke

"Scenes that crackle with tension along with [King's] trademark snapshots of South Florida's wild, fragile landscape."
   —Kirkus Reviews